Five minutes, that’s all I have today, no editing. I named this blog in one strung-along word because when I was first injured, I had a really hard time writing. I tried journaling, and for the first time in my life, my spelling was a disaster. Not only was my spelling ability gone, it was usually wrong in the middle of words, or words were missing in the middle of sentences. You see, a misfiring brain tries really hard to get everything working, but before a word or an idea is forgotten, it gets blurted out, simply because it’s more work to hold an item in short term, working memory than it is to let it out. So, when I write, I allow myself five minutes, then I take a break.   All of the posts you see here have taken me at least a day to edit. Five minutes isn’t much, but it gives me a chance to record some of my findings in this daily exploration of concussion. That’s it for today, but I thought it might be helpful for other people with head injuries to see that they’re not alone.

PS Disclosure: That was more than five minutes, my head hurts, and my accident was 9 months ago, but I’ll be back tomorrow!

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