Brain Rest

I have a theory: every typical post-concussion symptom has a purpose. The overall purpose of these physical symptoms is the body’s way of letting the brain rest (and heal!)  As a teacher, I see this reversal of roles in driver/ bus all the time, that is the body driving the brain, instead of the reverse. Students who struggle with anxiety, for example, often suffer from stomach aches. With a stomach ache, you can’t go to school-the stress is avoided, and the body succeeds in preventing further stress from affecting the brain. Now, as an adult, I know the long-term effects of school avoidance create more anxiety, and the never ending loop of more symptoms. So when I think about a healing brain, in the case of a concussion, it seems natural that the body would come up with some effective symptoms to protect the brain. I have to stop for a break-I’m going out to the garden, but when I come back, I’ll explain this with specific examples. I may be totally wrong, but I’m enjoying the experience of first-hand research.

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