DSC_0587I’m allowing myself 5 minutes to get this started. This time limit is not because I’m a busy person, it’s the result of an accident. I had a concussion three months ago and I’m still not back at work. I look and sound fine most of the time. If you met me right now, you would have no idea anything was wrong with me. In fact, I don’t think anything even looks unusual on the CT scan I had, but inside my head right now there are some significant changes underway. I am starting this blog as a study of mild concussion. It is my hope that this virtual examination of a live brain can help to advance our knowledge of concussion recovery. Right now, I can only focus for about 5 minutes at a time without significant increase of my symptoms. I hope to increase the length of my posts as my recovery progresses, but for now, I’ll put out an invitation to anyone who has questions they would like to ask to further their own knowledge of concussion. I will reply based upon my own lived experience, and if any of my posts here help someone with their own recovery or someone else’s, then I will have succeeded.

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